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From increased trust to a heightened sensual experience, swinging can be a great addition to a healthy and stable relationship.If you’re thinking about swinging and wish to discuss it with your partner, be sure to mention these top benefits of swinging for sex positive couples!Of course, swinging partners must set and stick with their boundaries, and it’s still possible to cheat while swinging should one partner lie or go beyond the preset boundaries.

Janice sealed my fate by quickly turning around in the dining room & throwing me a look that started changing me from a man, to a girl, from the hunter, to the hunted, from the Stud to a sissy, bringing out my past secrets from 13 years prior when I seduced the neighborhood boys during sleepovers, gobbling those tiny pre-pubescent dicks that didn’t satisfy…always wanting a huge dick like my 5.5 inch dick.

how all the single girls in the group are all 2’s with one exception; Janice.

I thought their could be some relationship possibilities with her since her chiseled semi-cute face had nice dimples & she did have feminine long dark hair, & pretty, yet dull, unimpressive blue eyes.

” This creates a healthier sexual bond along with benefits for nearly all other aspects of the relationship.

Life is full of new experiences, and swinging allows sex positive couples to experience them all without problems.

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